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  • High School Students Upgrade LED emergency lights win the internationally invention awards 2015-01-07

    news source: china dailyon jan. 7th, 2015jimei high school grade two student lu chao used his spare time to "tinker(fiddle) with" an integrated led light bulbs, emergency lights, mobile phone charger small appliances, and won the international invention award.yesterday, we learned from jimei high school that lu chao invention won the gold medal eighth international exhibition of inventio..

  • How to avoid the death of led lamp phenomenon 2014-12-07

    news source: china dailyled lights dead phenomenonin the course, we often encounter situations that led does not light, which is commonly referred to as the phenomenon of dead lights. there are two reasons: first, led caused by excessive leakage current pn junction failure, the led lights point does not shine, which generally does not affect other led lights work; second, internal led lights conne..

  • Asian LED Manufacturers Part Ways Over Uncertain Market Conditions 2014-12-01

    news source: liberty times (自由時報)led is a fast changing industry. asian manufacturers have taken their own paths to confront the tide of change. japanese manufacturers are actively seeking collaboration opportunities with taiwanese manufacturers, while korean led manufacturer samsung has gradually exited the global led market. chinese manufacturers on the other hand are expanding production capaci..

  • Lighting Distribution Patterns Outdoor Lighting 2014-11-16

    when specifying lighting fixtures for outdoor applications is it often useful to know the type of lighting distribution a specific fixture has, most of the time the type of distribution is governed by the application it is used for. but how exactly is a distribution defined? the iesna (iilluminating engineering society of north america) defines lighting distribution based on the horizontal pattern..