Are air purification products effective in killing viruses?

The COVID-19 is still spreading globally,In the special period when respiratory safety is concerned, we are paying more and more attention to air purifiers, especially air purification products that can remove viruses. According to relevant experiments, air purification is effective in reducing virus threats. So, which air purifier is effective for virus removal?

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The reason why it is difficult to remove the virus is that its size is extremely small, only 0.1μm in size, which is one-thousandth of the size of bacteria. Moreover, viruses are a non-cellular life form, and many methods to remove bacteria are completely ineffective for viruses.

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At present, there are generally two modes for killing viruses in air purification on the market. One is the ozone mode. The higher the ozone content, the better the virus removal effect. However, excessive ozone will also affect the human respiratory system and nerve system, immune system, skin damage. If you stay in an environment with too much ozone for a long time, there are potential carcinogenic risks and so on. Therefore, this type of air purifier runs in sterilization and disinfection mode, and people cannot be present.

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The other is the ultraviolet mode, the ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 200-290nm can penetrate the outer shell of the virus, cause damage to the internal DNA or RNA, and make it lose the ability to reproduce, to achieve the effect of killing the virus. This type of air purifier can have ultraviolet rays built into the machine to prevent ultraviolet rays from leaking, and people can be present during operation.

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BBT Production Hidden UV-C Air Disinfection Lights, Hide the UV-C light source, no harm to people and objects. Active convection of the fan improves the sterilization efficiency and reduces the dead angle.40W and 60W power can provide enough 253.7-nanometer sterilization ultraviolet radiation, Suitable for air disinfection and purification in daily indoor scenes, long-term work available.

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Product Features
• The product has no working time limit and can work for a long time.
• UV-C “closed” cavity disinfection, safe and reliable.
• Active convection design, high disinfection efficiency.
• Branded light source to ensure stable output of ultraviolet radiation.
• The power of the product is 40W and 60W, providing sufficient ultraviolet radiation for disinfection.
• No ozone is generated when the product is working.
• Knob-type light source replacement method, fast and convenient.
• The filter is fixed by a buckle, which is clean and easy to replace.
• Vertical wall mounting, fixed distribution, simple construction and operation.

Hidden UV air sterilizer, UV air purifier

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Indoor air purification is necessary, especially as the virus is spreading today, but we will be more assured when we choose reliable and certified products. BBT hidden air germicidal lamp is a good choice.