2021 new hot-selling lamps

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, people have more time to stay at home, re-examine their lives, and realize how important it is to make a home warm and comfortable. As an indispensable product for home lighting design, lamps and lanterns play a very important role in creating different senses of space and atmosphere while satisfying basic lighting. Up to now, we have sorted out 7 hot-selling lighting products and shared them with you.

Home, warm home, comfortable home
  1. LED Bluetooth remote control rainbow light strip
    LED light strips have gradually emerged in various decoration industries because of their long service life (generally 80 to 100,000 hours in normal life), energy-saving and environmental protection. The control method of the general LED light strip is simple, and the operation of waiting for the LED is generally realized through different function keys. However, the above-mentioned operation is inconvenient and reduces the user experience. This explosive product is to solve a single remote control method, adding the Bluetooth function, the user can directly use the mobile phone to control the operation, very convenient and intelligent.
LED Bluetooth remote control rainbow light strip
LED light strip, bluetooth light strip, color bar light
  1. LED rechargeable desk lamp eye protection
    LED USB eye protection lamp has always existed, so I think the recommended one below is better than the shape. It is also a table lamp with USB+lamp function+storage function. The good product styles currently sold on Amazon are relatively modest, and the style of this rising star is relatively cute. If the function is the same, it is very likely to choose a slightly creative style.
LED rechargeable desk lamp, eye protection desk lamp, LED rechargeable desk lamp eye protection, Creative table lamp

3. Simulation flame solar light garden light

The following simulated flame solar garden light can automatically charge during the day and illuminate at night, completely without human operation.

Selling point:

(1) Design: Realistic flame, warm heart

(2) (2) Solar charging, energy saving and environmental protection

(3) The advantages of protecting eyesight. Compared with ordinary street lights, it uses direct current, so there will be no stroboscopic phenomenon and no eye irritation.

(4) The service life, the average value is very practical and affordable.

Simulation flame solar light garden light, Solar garden light

4、The spotlight

Spotlights are mostly used in factory buildings, outdoor and construction site lighting, mobile lighting, etc. They are essential items purchased by small and medium-sized enterprises, commercial organizations and factories. The year-end promotion is the peak of this category. The repurchase rate of more professional products with certain brand awareness is higher. Larger power (greater than 60W), luminous intensity (lumen value above 6000ml), waterproof level (IP65/h66), energy level (A+ or A++), hot-selling color: black shell or more vivid red/yellow.

LED spotlight, LED down light, Projection light, Spotlight
  1. Solar outdoor wall lamp

This product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Its three intelligent lighting modes can be set to auto-sensing, constant light, and brightness adjustment. The power generation method that absorbs energy through solar panels allows it to maintain its lighting function at night and when natural disasters occur, which helps prevent theft and evacuation. Medium-sized (150x130x55mm) products are more popular with corporate buyers.

Solar outdoor wall lamp, Wall lamp, induction wall lamp, solar wall lamp

6, hidden air sterilization and purification lamp
In the special period when respiratory safety is of great concern, we are paying more and more attention to air purifiers, especially air purification products that can kill viruses. Ultraviolet lamps have been used for sterilization for a long time, but ultraviolet rays are harmful to the human body. This product hides the ultraviolet lamps and allows the air to pass through the ultraviolet lamps to sterilize and disinfect the air in cycles. Start-up operation in the environment, safe and efficient. It is mostly used in places where people are concentrated, such as homes, offices, classrooms, and hospitals.

hidden air sterilization and purification lamp, UVC light, UV air germicidal lamp, hidden UV germicidal lamp

In addition, there are commercial lighting hot sale lamps
As many governments are pursuing energy-saving and environmental protection policies, more environmentally friendly LED lamps are gradually replacing incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps. Compared with brand elements and product cost-effectiveness, consumers and corporate buyers are beginning to prefer environmental protection, low voltage, and smart lighting products.

Continuous light photography light
Continuous light photography lights are mainly used for video shooting, program recording, and live interview lights. Continuous exposure lights from Chinese sellers are favored by Amazon corporate buyers. Compared with individual consumers’ value for cost performance, corporate buyers value the product’s superior performance to meet the shooting needs of professional photography. Professional photography, strong endurance, strong exposure, hot-selling color: black

Continuous light photography light, Live interview lights, Video shooting light

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