What is a “light vaccine”? Is this proper?

The Tokyo Olympics has come to an end, but it is difficult to conceal that this is the most failed Olympics in the history of the Olympics. Perhaps this has something to do with COVID-19. In terms of overall performance, it is not positive for the world.

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According to recent media reports, in the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese Olympic delegation not only achieved impressive results, but also 777 people went home safely without a new crown case. They used technical products. The epidemic situation in Japan is not optimistic, and more than 400 Olympic-related personnel have been diagnosed with the new crown virus. The Chinese delegation can return home safely, and no one has been infected with the new crown virus. This has attracted the focus of foreign media: how did they do it? As early as August 4, Japan’s Asahi Shimbun, Nihon Keizai Shimbun and other media reported on the “off-the-board tricks” used by the Chinese team: a kind of anti-virus and bacteria and other microorganisms, especially for the new coronavirus, which can achieve 99.9% sterilization. The advanced ultraviolet disinfection equipment of China, which can effectively kill in a human environment, is this product called “light vaccine”.

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According to this description, friends who have known our products before should know that we launched the excimer germicidal lamp at the end of 2020, that is, the 222nm ultraviolet germicidal lamp. Looking down, the so-called “light vaccine” is a 222nm UV germicidal lamp, but the shape is different from the product we launched last year, and the principle is the same.

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Sterilization principle

The 222nm wavelength radiation energy is highly absorbed by the new coronavirus and its ribonucleic acid (RNA) helical structure link is destroyed, causing it to lose the ability to replicate and achieve a killing effect. “In fact, all viruses、bacteria and fungi can be killed by irradiation with a specific wavelength spectrum. Research and related experiments have shown that the short wavelength of 222 nanometers cannot penetrate the skin and eyes and is harmless to the human body. Sterilize when there are people. This solves a problem in the field of disinfection: how to achieve “human-machine coexistence, real-time disinfection”.

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Ultraviolet light has been used for disinfection for hundreds of years. In the past few decades, some special areas of hospitals, food factories, and even some areas of some farms have used ultraviolet lamps for disinfection. There are also a lot of related facilities and equipment, but in recent years, studies have found that the 222nm band of ultraviolet rays is harmless to the human body and has a better sterilization effect. With the filter, you can use UV lamps to sterilize in a human environment.

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Chinese Olympic athletes have achieved good results in both competitions and epidemic prevention in Tokyo. The results are encouraging. The excellent results in epidemic prevention are the results of comprehensive measures including vaccines, masks, disinfection, isolation, frequent hand washing, and 222nm UV disinfection lamps. . The so-called “light vaccine” is a very inappropriate name and will mislead consumers. Nor can the performance of the Chinese team in the Olympics be used to exaggerate the product’s function. Compared with ultraviolet sterilization, it also has weaknesses. Athletes can’t bring it around for sterilization at any time. It is more appropriate to use our name: 222nm UV germicidal lamp, excimer lamp.