Home environment how to choose high-quality LED?


In order to create a comfortable home environment, do you know how to select high quality LED lights?


As high-quality LED lights have the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, safety and reliability, so they are favored by consumers. But many people do not know so pick suitable for different scenes of LED lamps and lanterns, lighting in the home environment kind of play a very important role, the light will be hit down different items have different display effects, and in the atmosphere, the role of light is the most tremendous, now very suitable for use in the home is warm white light and white light, but some people also just want to choose one of them, so what is the difference between warm white light and positive white light? LED lights yellow light is good or white light is good?


Home environment first choice of low color temperature LED lights

Research shows that high color temperature LED lights contain more blue, green light, has a strong waking effect, can create a serious quiet atmosphere; but for late night work or rest of the population, if a long time in high illumination, high color temperature light environment, will seriously inhibit the secretion of melatonin, and disrupt the body’s biological rhythm, especially within 3 hours after midnight is the peak period of melatonin secretion. If you do not live according to the biological clock for a long time, sleep disorders will occur or serious injury to the body.


Therefore, indoor living lighting and office lighting should be selected in the low color temperature (natural white and warm white) LED light source, while the glare must be controlled, no strobe, and strive for uniform illumination distribution. Especially for children should choose the color temperature ≤ 3500K high color rendering light source.

The difference between warm white light and natural white light?

White light is generally in the 4000K color temperature, cool, warm white light in the 3000K color temperature, yellow. In the living room is generally good with positive white light. Warm white light in the living room is more appropriate. Warm white is close to the color temperature of the bulb 3000K, natural white fluorescent light color temperature of 4000K or more.


LED lighting is generally divided into cold white light and warm white light two, cold white light color temperature in 4000K-8000K, the higher the color temperature. The higher the color temperature, the whiter the light color, ordinary daylight that is cold white light, color temperature at about 5500K, warm white light color temperature at 2500K-4500K, the lower the color temperature light color yellow. Such as household incandescent light bulbs that is warm white light, color temperature in the 3000K or so. Color temperature and brightness: high color temperature light source irradiation, such as brightness is not high to give people a cold atmosphere; low color temperature light source irradiation, too high brightness will give people a stifling feeling.


LED lights yellow light is good or white light is good?

LED light source color temperature: people use the color temperature of the light source equal or similar to the temperature of the complete radiation to describe the color table of the light source (the color seen by the human eye when directly observing the light source) also known as the color temperature of the light source. Color temperature is expressed in terms of temperature K. Different color temperature will cause people in different emotional response, the general color temperature of the light source into three categories.

1, warm light

The color temperature of warm light is below 3300K, . Warm light is similar to incandescent light color, red light component is more, giving people a warm, healthy, comfortable feeling, suitable for families, homes, dormitories, hospitals, hotels and other places, or the temperature is relatively low.

2、Warm white light

Also called intermediate color, its color temperature is between 3300K-5300K.. Warm white light soft light, so that people have a pleasant, comfortable, peaceful feeling, suitable for stores, hospitals, rooms, hotels, restaurants, waiting rooms and other places.

3、Cool light

Also called daylight color, its color temperature is above 5300K, the light source is close to natural light, there is a bright feeling, so that people concentrate, suitable for room, conference room, classroom, drawing room, design room, library reading room, exhibition windows and other places.


LED lights yellow light is good or white light, warm white light and white light are two different light, color gamut he is also different, and thus the feeling brought to people will be different, we should first take into account the place at home when using, each item will have a different feeling after the light irradiation, want to be more gentle at home, it is best to also warm light. Of course, the application of dimmable dimming lamps and lanterns is more convenient, according to their own needs to change the light color and light and dark, if you bring the function of sterilization and air purification that would be perfect Be sure to buy this multifunctional lamps and lanterns, the future of such lamps and lanterns will become mainstream.