Why do farms need professional LED farming lights?

Farm lighting is an important environmental factor in the farming industry. Choosing the right type of farming lights, while using a scientific and reasonable light regime, such as light rhythm and light intensity, can effectively promote the growth and development of poultry, improve production performance, meet animal welfare, and save energy. The four elements of light are intensity, period, source and spectral range. The color of light depends on the different wavelengths in the visible spectrum.

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White light contains all the wavelengths in the visible spectrum. But even if it is the same white light, it can exhibit different color temperatures depending on the energy emitted by different wavelengths. So poultry farmers should not try to use LED bulbs without asking for details or consulting a trusted person.


Fortunately, a number of well-known universities in the United States, when the LED first entered the poultry farming industry, there are agricultural extension staff to test it. After numerous field trials, these extension agents have evaluated a wide range of different LED products, providing unbiased measurements of cost analysis, payback potential and longevity. These measurements will help us make the right purchasing decision.


Chicken coops are a much harsher environment than homes and businesses due to dust, humidity and ammonia. Some bulbs are not designed for such an environment and do not stand up to these factors. So be sure to buy professional farm LED lights. Now you know why you should use professional LED farm lights, right?


Know these above, then how to choose farming lights, farm special LED lights have what characteristics?

1、The spectrum is appropriate, animal growth is more ideal

LED lights are diode light-emitting, the biggest advantage of LED lights is that they can provide a customizable adjustable spectrum. The spectral sensitivity of animals is different from that of humans, and so are the spectral requirements. By optimizing the spectrum, radiation and adjusting the intensity of light from the lights in poultry sheds, farmers can create a good lighting environment for their poultry and keep them in a happy mood, thus promoting their growth while reducing energy and feed costs.

2、LED three anti-lights, suitable for breeding environment

Dust-proof design, effective anti-mosquito, waterproof and fogproof three anti-bulb sealed design

The farm environment is unusually harsh, heavy moisture, dust, mosquitoes, ordinary LED bulbs in order to cool the bulb, generally left with ventilation holes, precisely these ventilation holes make the chicken coop vapor, dust, mosquitoes are very easy to enter the bulb, causing the bulb internal dirty, reducing the brightness of the bulb, increasing the chances of damage to the bulb. USBBT LED bulb is a fully sealed bulb, eliminating the vapor, dust, mosquitoes into the bulb, so that the light bulb can be sealed. Dust, mosquitoes into the bulb, increasing the brightness and service life of the bulb.

3、Low temperature lamp, good heat dissipation, long life

UABBT LED breeding light using plastic wrapped aluminum process, more uniform heat dissipation, low bulb temperature, extending the service life. In the appropriate current voltage, the service life of LED up to 100000 hours, only 1/10 of incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps 1/4: but the life is 100 times that of incandescent lamps. Energy-saving lamps as much as 10 times.

4、No electromagnetic radiation

Fluorescent lamps, trichromatic fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps are working in the high-frequency, high-voltage state, are inevitably bring different degrees of electromagnetic radiation. LED lights work in the DC, low-voltage state, no electromagnetic radiation, is an internationally recognized health lighting.

5、Super energy saving

LED working voltage is generally only 2-3.6V, the working current is only 0.02-0.03A, that is to say, it consumes no more than 0.1W. LED energy-saving king than incandescent energy-saving lamps more than 90%, than energy-saving lamps more than 70%.

6、Sturdy and durable

Because the chip of the LED lamp is safely encapsulated inside the epoxy resin, the compact epoxy resin particles are extremely difficult to break, and the whole lamp body has no loose parts, the chip inside is extremely difficult to break, and there are also fewer meltdowns that may be caused by heat effect volatilization. In addition, the solidity of LED also has a shock-resistant effect. In the high dust. High humidity in the chicken coop environment, LED lights maintenance rate is much lower than incandescent and energy-saving lamps. Thus saving the cost of lamp maintenance and replacement.