The hazards of disinfection UV lamps

UV disinfection lamp how to safely use?

Nature’s main source of ultraviolet light is the sun, sunlight through the atmosphere when the wavelength shorter than 290nm meters of ultraviolet light is absorbed by the ozone in the atmosphere. The artificial ultraviolet light source has a variety of gas arc (such as low-pressure mercury arc, high-pressure mercury arc), ultraviolet light has a chemical effect that can make photographic negatives photographic, the fluorescent effect is strong, fluorescent lamps, a variety of fluorescent lamps and agricultural black lights used to lure pests are used to excite fluorescent material light. UV light can also be anti-counterfeiting, UV particles are strong, in addition to sterilization, disinfection, treatment of skin diseases and chondromalacia, etc., but also with certain hazards, so what are the hazards of disinfection UV lights? UV disinfection lamp how to use?

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The hazards of ordinary disinfection UV lamps

Long-term exposure to UV radiation will lead to skin pigmentation, skin thickening and roughness, photoaging, and in serious cases, precancerous lesions, skin cancer, cataracts, etc. Therefore, long-term UV radiation should be avoided.

1, a short period of exposure to UV sterilization lamp, the main harm caused by electrophotographic ophthalmia and skin damage, other cancer risk is minimal. “Sterilization of the UV lamp is a short-wave UVC, penetration is extremely weak, mainly on the skin surface damage. UV sterilization lamp on the human body caused by the damage in the end, but also depends on the power and irradiation length.”

2, because UV will kill cells, UV disinfection should be careful not to directly irradiate the human skin, especially the human eye, UV germicidal lamps are lit do not look directly at the lamp, because short-wave UV does not pass through ordinary glass, wear glasses to avoid eye injury. If you are not careful about eye injury, the general situation is not a big deal, just like being sunburned, serious eye drops to help recover.

How to use the UV disinfection lamp

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When using UV disinfection lamps, should keep the environment clean, the air can not have dust and water mist, etc., when the indoor temperature is lower than 20 degrees Celsius or relative humidity exceeds 50%, should extend the irradiation time; for air, disinfection should be closed doors and windows, since the light on 5-7 minutes after the timing, each disinfection time shall not be less than 60 minutes, UV disinfection lamp irradiation process prohibit personnel to enter the room, it is necessary to enter, should first suspend the UV disinfection lamp irradiation; UV light on human skin mucous membrane has certain hazards, the use of UV disinfection lamp should pay attention to good protection, eyes can not look directly at the UV light source, or eyes will be damaged.

How to crack?

harmless to people and pents

It is because the ordinary UVC germicidal lamps have more strict conditions of use and use of the environment, and can not be used in places where there are people, which brings trouble in indoor public places sterilization, can not be used on a large scale. So, is there a way to solve this problem? The answer is yes, researchers through a large number of experimental tests, more and more research shows that 222nm wavelength is equally effective for many pathogens, and this light does not pose a threat to the human body. According to foreign media reports, the U.S. Columbia University and Japan’s Kobe University respectively, the study proved that the wavelength of 222nm UVC radiation can inactivate germs, and will not have adverse effects on the skin and eyes. The technology is expected to be widely used in the field of public disinfection and sterilization.

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On December 17, 2021, at a webinar on novel coronavirus control organized by the WHO Department of Radiation and Health, experts from the disciplines of medicine and photobiology from Harvard University and the University of St. Andrews highlighted the application of 222 nm UV light for disinfection in a range of pathogens and environments, as well as the application of 222 nm UV excimer lamps for area disinfection, further confirming the important role of UV radiation disinfection technology in controlling and preventing the spread of disease.

Experimental data show that 222-nanometer far-ultraviolet germicidal products in a certain degree to solve the traditional UV can not directly irradiate the human body pain point problem, taking into account the functionality and safety, to achieve a friendly coexistence of man and machine, effectively reduce and kill the body surface up to 99.9% of bacteria and pathogens.

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Industry sources said that the United States will significantly increase the dose limit of the far-ultraviolet band, effectively expanding the promotion and application of far-ultraviolet products in the field of air purification, object surfaces and water cleaning.

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