LED farming lighting research and development and promotion

The company developed special LED lighting system for the physiological needs of different animal species such as chickens, ducks and pigs, modulating the LED spectrum, matching the light program (light intensity and light duration to match the needs of day-age changes) to create a superior light environment for large-scale breeding. Through the physical effect of high quality LED light environment, it improves the hormone level in livestock and poultry, significantly enhances body condition and improves production performance.In 2018, Lantoo's product application objects are expanded from poultry to large livestock animal breeding, including breeding pig and dairy barn lighting.

Livestock farming is related to people's daily life, and the current total number of breeding in China is about 150 million breeders, 1.2 billion egg-laying chickens, 8 billion broilers and 3 billion meat ducks, and the farming method has long been not the traditional free range and free-range farming, but in-shed farming. In-house farming has undergone a very big transformation in the past few years, and the degree of industrialization and scale is getting higher and higher, and the speed is very fast.

The rapid change has given rise to higher requirements for environmental control, traditional breeding technology is close to the ceiling, feed nutrition formulations until the relative bottleneck in the development of the period, began to enter the era of intelligent pasture, for environmental factors, poultry growth and health information these big data in the analysis together, how to improve environmental parameters to further tap the productive, become the new characteristics of change in the livestock industry today.

Based on such a background, Flavo has started its research work from the light perspective fifteen years ago. The report shares the latest research results, trends and progress around poultry and light, trends in the progress of research on special LED lighting for poultry, and combines specific experimental data and application cases.

For the poultry industry chain, involving different species, such as breeders, there are also breeding eggs, commercial chickens, laying hens, etc., when the study, you need to grasp each chain of each type of chicken, to study the different light environment, is how the chicken growth performance changes, changes in dietary behavior, etc., will also do slaughter analysis, nutritional absorption and other content.