Can UV lamps remove formaldehyde?

Can UV lamps remove formaldehyde?

I saw that when many merchants promoted ultraviolet lamps, in addition to explaining the sterilization effect, many also emphasized the effect of removing formaldehyde. In a rigorous and responsible attitude, let’s explore today: Does ultraviolet light have a miraculous effect in removing formaldehyde?

UV removal of formaldehyde, Questionable person

According to the “New Coronavirus Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (Trial Version 5)” announced by the Health Commission, it is confirmed that the new coronavirus is sensitive to ultraviolet rays. As soon as the news came out, many LED lighting companies and medical equipment manufacturers joined them. Whether it is for export or domestic sales, UV lamps are out of stock repeatedly, “it is hard to find a single lamp.” On the other hand, because of the various types of UV lamps, they have different functions. Some are suitable for carriages, some are suitable for hospitals, some are suitable for public places such as shopping malls, and some claim to be able to remove formaldehyde for newly decorated houses. ..

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How does the ultraviolet lamp sterilize and disinfect, and can it really remove formaldehyde?
The principle of UV lamp sterilization.

Principle of UV sterilization, DNA strand breaks after UV exposure

Utilizing the appropriate wavelength of ultraviolet light to destroy the molecular structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid) in microbial cells, causing the death of growth cells and regenerative cells, thereby achieving the effect of sterilization and disinfection.
It should be noted that ultraviolet light is invisible light. Because ultraviolet light can penetrate cells, be careful not to directly illuminate human skin when using ultraviolet lamps. Do not look directly at the lamp tube when the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is on to avoid damage.

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Next, let’s understand the reaction equation of the decomposition of formaldehyde CH2O+O2==>>CO2+H2O, which means that formaldehyde can combine with oxygen in the air and be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide. So what are the conditions for this kind of reaction? Can you respond directly? surely not. Its reaction conditions require catalysts, and ultraviolet lamps with ozone function can be used to remove formaldehyde. However, the commonly used ultraviolet lamps produce very little ozone and have little effect on removing formaldehyde.

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The ultraviolet lamp is mainly used for disinfection and sterilization and does not affect removing formaldehyde. When consumers choose UV sterilization products, they must check more information and not be misled by false propaganda. Secondly, it is more secure to choose products from regular manufacturers. Shenzhen Best Bright Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (BBT) is a professional LED lamp and UV lamp manufacturer with ten years of industry experience.

Dangerous exposed UV germicidal lamps, safe hidden UV germicidal lamps

The 222nm UV Lamp developed by BBT is equipped with a filter, which effectively filters out harmful clutter, is safer in use and has a stronger sterilization effect. It is widely used in homes, hotels, airports, theaters, gyms, hospitals, and other indoor places. (More details can be found on the website)

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BBT Production Hidden UV-C Air Disinfection Lights, Hide the UV-C light source, no harm to people and objects. Active convection of the fan improves the sterilization efficiency and reduces the dead angle.40W and 60W power can provide enough 253.7-nanometer sterilization ultraviolet radiation, Suitable for air disinfection and purification in daily indoor scenes, long-term work available.

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